I care about the issues that directly impact the District 24 residents that I currently serve, the issues that matter most to Prince Georgians, as well as the issues that continue to plague our State. Some of my top priorities will concentrate on bringing quality grocery stores and healthcare resources to our communities, decreasing gun violence, and increasing economic equity and affordable housing. For other areas that I will tackle, please read below.



As a diabetic and kidney failure survivor, I know the necessity of quality healthcare. I will fight to create an equitable healthcare system, particularly through a healthcare for all system and decreasing the rising cost of prescription drug premiums. I will champion healthcare policies to reduce the vast amount of healthcare problems in Prince George's County and Maryland.

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Growing up in a low-income single-parent/grandparent household, I understand the challenges that arise in families who struggle to make ends meet. I also understand that when we adequately invest in our communities, families also greatly benefit as a direct result. Some of these measures will include expanding benefits for small businesses, increasing access to minority business tax credits and business loans, and expanding unique business opportunities that specifically cater to the needs of our communities.



Our labor workforce provides the backbone to our communities. I will continue to fight for workers by expanding vocational training and apprenticeships opportunities, creating job and career hubs, and broadening ways for workers to evolve and excel within their career pathways.



As a proud product of the Prince George’s County Public School system, I know the value of quality education. My priorities will create an environment where students can achieve success and land successful careers. I will work to increase teacher benefits and pay, decrease in-state college tuition, expand vocational training opportunities, invest in wrap-around services for our youth, and advocate for universal pre-k.



Each Maryland resident is entitled to feel safe in their community. I will improve relationships with law enforcement and hold them accountable to promote community vitality and trust. I will decrease gun violence, tackle drug and gun prevention policies, and ensure that our returning citizen population has resources at their disposal to assimilate back into society properly.



As someone who was raised by an aging grandmother, I truly believe our seniors are the backbone of our communities. Seniors deserve the dignity and respect to age in place with access to the best services and care. I will fight for tax breaks for our senior citizens and retired military, affordable housing for seniors, increasing audits for senior facilities and creating a task force/ oversight committee in every locality.



Women’s rights are human rights. I will prioritize equal rights, opportunities, and protections for all women. I will fight for expanding childcare, eliminating taxes on feminine products, and more. 



The cost of transportation has steadily increased while the quality has consistently decreased. I will create a clean, accessible transportation system by improving roads and expanding public transportation. 



As a lifelong Prince Georgian, I have dedicated my life in public service to help the community. I have hosted events to feed the less fortunate, raised funds to help families avoid evictions, tackled local and statewide healthcare disparities, and been instrumental in passing legislation. I truly understand the needs of Prince George’s County’s residents and will continue to advocate for their needs. I will fight for an increase in healthy grocery stores, implement regular trash clean-up programs to clean our streets and highways and advocate for the option to allow grocery stores to sell alcohol. 



For other policy recommendations not mentioned here, please contact me at